Tadanori Yokoo: Journey to the Center of the Art


Friday 3rd of October to Sunday 7th of December, 2014 (57 days)


Kagoshima Prefectural Culture Foundation,

Minami-Nippon Shimbun, Co. Ltd, Minaminihon Broadcasting Co., Ltd.


Yusui Town, Kirishima-sanroku Yusui Town Tourism Association, DAIICHI KOUTSU SANGYO Co., Ltd.


Toyota Corolla Kagosohima Ltd.

【Items Exhibited】

Paintings, Posters, Technamations, Installation, Total 48 items

【Number of Visitors】



(1)Talk Event

Date: Friday 3rd of October

Speaker: Tadanori Yokoo, Tadayasu Sakai

(2)Workshop (by Curators)

Date: 18th of October, 1st , 15th and 29th of November(all Saturdays)

Number of Attendees:Total 27

(3)Gallery Talk (by Curators)
Dates: 12th, 26th of October, 9th, 23rd of November, (all Sundays)
Number of Attendees:Total 64



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Holding period
2014/10/03 〜 2014/12/07
Viewing time
Admission fee