The Father of Video Art: A Nam June Paik Exhibition

Nam June Paik was the first artist to release artwork that used television and video and is thus known as the father of video art. After presenting a number of pieces which demonstrated a deep reflection on both media and technology, Paik became one of the biggest names in the 20th century art scene. This exhibition is based on the collection held by the Watari Museum of Contemporary Art and is the first large-scale Nam June Paik retrospective since his passing. The pieces on display include Paik’s 3D art which use CRT display monitors and also noteworthy materials from Fluxus, a group of artists composed of artists like Yoko Ono who flourished during the avant-garde art movement of the 60s. Following this is a video collaboration from the 80s between Paik and Ryuichi Sakamoto. In addition, we follow the trajectory of the father of video art through the works of charismatic contemporary German artist Joseph Beuys, who worked with Paik on a collaborative project titled “Eurasia.”




【Related Events】* Events 1-7 require exhibition tickets

① Opening Ceremony.

October 6th 2:00pm~

Gallery talk with a curator from the Watari Museum of Contemporary Art  2:30pm

② Anniversary Concert [from composers involved with Paik]

A double recital with Noriko Kimura and Hamada Takashi

November 5th 1:30pm-3:00


③  Dance Performance 【Betting Art at the Moment】

November 3rd at 1:00pm with a second showing at 3:00pm


④ DOMMUNE Movie Screening (repeats every 60 minutes)

Featuring Ryuichi Sakamoto, Koichi Watari, and Etsuko Watari

⑤ Art Explanation with the Curators

2:00pm, approx. 40 min on the following days:

October 7th, 14th, 21st

November 4th, 11th, 18th

December 2nd

⑥ Minami Kazuki Event [the works of Paik and Shimauta]

November 1st

Amami-born singer Minami Kazuki will be visiting the Kirishima Open-Air Museum to appreciate the works of Nam June Paik.


⑦ Guidebook

Free guidebook that explains the exhibition

⑧ Catalogue for Sale

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