Preview of the upcoming Erina Matsui exhibit “Planets of the Face”


This summer, the Kirishima Open-Air Museum will be hosting the specially planned Erina Matsui exhibit“Planets of the Face”. Erina Matsui is an artist known for her individual self-portraits with an unforgettably powerful impact.

Matsui’s artwork can, for her, be called a kind of communication tool that allows her to share feelings and sensations with the viewer. They also serve a role similar to a GPS, allowing one to discover emotions and ideals inside oneself that had previously been unrealised. One might say that in her world, which expands all the way into space, it is possible to feel and perceive Matsui at the very moment she created that work.

This exhibition, titled “Planets of the Face” encapsulates the concept of a cycle. In the world full of faces that Matsui creates waits her “self”, reborn time and time again. The viewer will experience space created as a singular soul is recycled.

This exhibition will be the first of its kind in Kyushu, featuring new works created specifically for the exhibition, painting, sculpture, installation and other media. We invite you to come and enjoy the “planets of the face” that Matsui creates.

【Venue】 Kirishima Open Air-Museum (Art Hall)

【Exhibition Period】 From July 15th (Fri) to September 19th (Public Holiday Monday)

Museum closed on Mondays (if Monday is a public holiday, then the day after the break. We will be open on Monday August 15th.)

【Opening Hours】 9AM to 5PM (Admission until 4:30PM)

On Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays between July 20th and August 31st, we will be open until 7PM
(Admission until 6:30PM)

【Admission Fees】 Adults 800 (600) yen, High School & University Students 600 (400) yen, Primary & Middle School Students 400 (300) yen

Prices in parentheses applied for groups of 20 and over

【Sponsors】 The Kagoshima Prefectural Foundation for Culture Promotion,South Japan Newspaper, KTS Kagoshima Television

【Collaborators】 Yusui Town, Kirishima-sanroku Yusui Town Tourism Association, Dai-ichi Transport Industries Ltd.

【Supporters】 Kao Foundation for Art and Science, Okayama Pref. “I-shi Prize”Project

【Planning Collaboration】 Yamamoto Gendai

【Special Support】 Toyota Corolla Kagosohima Ltd., Liqutex, Winsor & Newton, Holbein Art Supplies Ltd., Holbein Works Ltd., JAMMY Ltd.

【Exhibition Contents】 Painting, Sculpture, Installation and other media.

【Pre-sale Tickets Available from】 South Japan Newspaper, KTS Kagoshima Television, Kirishima-sanroku
Yusui Town Tourism Assoc. affiliated stores, Kirishima Onsen Market, Co-Op Service, Kagoshima
University Co-op, Prefectural Employees Co-op, Miyazaki Prefectural Art Museum, Miyakonojo Art
Museum, Hozan Hall (Kagoshima Prefectural Culture Center), What, Yamakataya Play Guide, Otani Art
Supplies, Shueido, Juji-ya Cross,Takagi Gaso, Kokubu Shinkodo, Ticket Pia(P-code:767-601), Lawson
Tickets (L-code:83199), e+ (

【Related Events】 1. Opening Ceremony – July 15th (Fri) from 2PM

2. Erina Matsui Gallery Talk – July 15th (Fri) from 2:30PM

3. Talk Event – July 30th (Sat) from 1:30PM
Speakers: Erina Matsui and Hikari Mitsushima (Actress)

4. Workshops – 20 places available, reservations essential
Workshop 1 -August 13th (Sat) from 1:30PM
Workshop 2 – August 27th (Sat) from 1:30PM

5. Gallery Talks (from the curators)
Talk 1 – August 6th (Sat) from 2PM Talk 2 – August 20th (Sat) from 2PM
Talk 3 – September 3rd (Sat) from 2PM Talk 4 – September 10th (Sat) from 2PM
Talk 5 – September 17th (Sat) from 2PM

6. Merchandise – Exhibition photos and other Erina Matsui merchandise will available for purchase.

You can download the flyer for the Erina Matsui exhibit here