12th Kirishima Art Day

12th Art Day en

Every year at the Kirishima Open-Air Museum, Culture Day (3rd of November) is ‘Art Day’: a day when guests can enter the museum for free and participate in a variety of events that allow them to enjoy and familiarise themselves with contemporary art.

For Art Day’s 12th anniversary in 2016, Contact Improvisation Group C.I.co will be producing a full day’s of events with an improvisational perspective, with the theme “Improvisation!! Art in the Moment”.

The day will feature dance, music, voice, sculpture, painting and photography among other media, as well as live performances and conversations with past artworks. All of these will be linked through the common theme of improvisation. Lastly, we will hold a symposium where guests can hear about the different approaches to enjoying art from the perspective of performers, planners and supporters.

Why not join us and make this Culture Day, ‘Art Day’?


Date and Time: 3rd of November (Thurs, Culture Day) 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Admission until 4:30 PM

Venue: Kirishima Open-Air Museum

Fee: Free admission on Art Day *A separate admission fee will be required to view the Tatsuo Miyajima Exhibition.

Sponsor: The Kagoshima Prefectural Foundation for Culture Promotion

Supporters: Minami-Nippon Shimbun, Minaminihon Broadcasting Co. Ltd., Kagoshima Broadcasting Corporation, KTS Kagoshima Television, NHK Kagoshima Broadcasting Office (Scheduled)

Collaborators: Contact Improvisation Group C.I.co.