Now showing Dance performances with sculpture

As a related project of“Takashi Hatta Sculpture Exhibition”,we will show you a collaboration video with dance performances.

The fragments of eternity (9 minutes)

Running period: Saturday, June 2 to Sunday 10 June 2018. Repeat screening while opening

Showing place: exhibition room of“Takashi Hatta Sculpture Exhibition”, art hall in Kirishima open-air museum.

Appearance: Contact Improvisation Group[Katsube Chico, Kashima Shoko]

Sculpture: Hatta Takashi

Body expression: Katsube Chico, Kashima Shoko

Voice and Hang: Minomo Naomi

Recorder: Hanada Rieko

Shooting and Editing: Kashima Shoko

Supervision: Katsube Chico