Event Title: Panda Painter AGOPAN Exhibition [Panda Forest]

AGOPAN’s paintings feature rich colors, fine lines, and unique compositions while also skillfully incorporating the duality of modern and old-fashioned Kagoshima townscapes with elements of lost traditional culture. Regardless of one’s age, these paintings invoke a sense of nostalgia. Viewers often like to take pictures of the central characters in these pieces: anthropomorphic pandas whose facial expressions always feature a signature lip pout.
The lively situations which AGOPAN paints are transformed by the cute and humorous appearances of the pandas whose charming nature earns them a pass for any wrongdoing. Before we try to understand the meaning of things, we should be cautious of contemporary dangers which deceive us so easily through outward appearances.

Rotaring Age(2017)


Pandas like a Chindon’ya(2017)


Excursion “Mirror pond”(2017)