Eiko Shimozono Photo Exhibition “Chaotic Brain”

Tokyo resident Eiko Shimozono left in search of a new place to live, camera in her hands, after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. Not long after settling in Kagoshima, having experienced such a life threatening situation greatly changed her sense of values. “We do not live. We are given life.” Combining this newly acquired multidimensional viewpoint with a surge of photographic subjects, Shimozono became a photographer that specializes in freely changing her artworks and artistic style.

This exhibition contains a collection of works from the artist, and, as a starting point for focusing on “life”, works created post-3/11 disaster including Afururu, Kamunohi, and SANOSA will also be on display.

Please come experience the rich and stimulating world of Eiko Shimozono.

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Hosted under the auspices of: Kirishima Open-Air Museum

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