Chie Morimoto and Shinya Nakajima Exhibition

Chie Morimoto and Shinya Nakajima Exhibition

We will be hosting a new exhibition by two creators working at the forefront of todayʼs advertising and design industries: Chie Morimoto and Shinya Nakajima.

The exhibition will cover the process of creating an advertisement from the time of its inception until it permeates into society. Featured materials will include CD jackets, artwork from music videos, artistic sets, video storyboards and “the making of advertisement”, a special exhibit detailing how a TV commercial is made.

The museum will become a stage where the idiosyncrasies of these two creators can interact, producing an entertaining and hands-on exhibition that all our guests can enjoy. It promises to be an intriguing insight into the goals and methods employed by Morimoto and Nakajima in their creation of advertisements.



[Related Events]

●Opening Ceremony: July 13th (Thurs.), 2:00 PM

●Artist Talk: July 13th (Thurs.) 2:30 PM

●Art Event with Chie Morimoto and Shinya Nakajima:

①July 17th (Mon., Sea Day) 2:00 PM

②Aug. 13th (Sun.) 2:00 PM

*Further details to be announced on our website

●Gallery Talk (commentary by curators)

Held on Saturdays from 2:00 PM (8 times total)

①July 15th ②July 22nd ③July 29th ④Aug. 5th

⑤Aug. 12th ⑥Aug. 26th ⑦Sept. 9th ⑧Sept. 16th

*Special exhibition tickets required for admission.


You can download the flyer for the Chie Morimoto and Shinya Nakajima Exhibition here


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Chie Morimoto and Shinya Nakajima
Chie Morimoto:President of goen°Co., Ltd. and art director. Joined Hakuhodo Inc. in 1999. Her varied portfolio includes projects such as advertisement planning, artwork for musicians, art for film and stage as well as space direction for facilities such as zoos and kindergartens. She is a recipient of the Juzo Itami Prize and Architectual Institute of Japan Prize, among many others and was named Nikkei Woman of the Year in 2012. Shinya Nakajima:Ad director and board member at Tohokushinsha Film Corporation. A Tokyoite born in Fukuoka prefecture and raised in Osaka. Commenced working at Tohokushinsha Film Corporation after graduating from Musashino Art University. He is the recipient of multiple awards, including from the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. He is responsible for Nissin Food Productsʼ Cup Noodle ad “hungry?”, Suntory ad “Iyemon” and TOTO ad “Germ Parent and Child” among others. He also directed the film “Yashima Biyoushitsu”, released in cinemas in 2010

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images (from left): Yumi Matsutoya, “Space Library”, 2016(Morimoto)/Ayaka, “This is me”, 2016(Morimoto)/Suntory, “Iyemon”, 2016(Nakajima)/TOTO NEOREST, “Germ Parent and Child”, 2015(Nakajima)