A Noboru Tsubaki Exhibition: “PREHEISTORIC_PH”

A Noboru Tsubaki Exhibition: “PREHEISTORIC_PH”


Friday 13th of July to Sunday 23rd of September, 2012 (64 days)


Kagoshima Prefectural Culture Foundation,

Minami-Nippon Shimbun, Co. Ltd, KAGOSHIMA T.V.BROADCASTING CO., LTD.


Yusui Town, Kirishima-sanroku Yusui Town Tourism Association, DAIICHI KOUTSU SANGYO Co., Ltd.

【Items Exhibited】

Drawings, Sculpture, Installation, Total 8 items

【Number of Visitors】



(1)Artist Talk

Dates: Friday 13th of July, Sunday 11th of August

Speaker: Noboru Tsubaki

(2)Gallery Talk (by Curators)

Dates: 22nd of July, 5th, 19th of August, 2nd, 16th, and 23rd of September, (all Sundays)


Dates: Sunday 12th of August

Instructor: Noboru Tsubaki

Dates:Sunday 15th of July

Instructor: Tadashi Ono

Dates: Sunday 26th of August

Instructor: Keiichi Shiraishi

(4)Extension of Open Hours and Exhibit of Small Neputa

Sunday 12th of August



Holding period
2012/07/13 〜 2012/09/23
Viewing time
Admission fee