Mika Ninagawa: Earthly Flowers, Heavenly Colors

Mika Ninagawa: Earthly Flowers, Heavenly Colors


Friday 17th of July to Wednesday 23th of September, 2009 (60 days)


Kagoshima Prefectural Culture Foundation,

Minami-Nippon Shimbun, Co. Ltd, KAGOSHIMA T.V.BROADCASTING CO., LTD.

The Asahi Shimbun Company


Yusui Town, Kirishima City, Kirishima-sanroku Yusui Town Tourism Association, DAIICHI KOUTSU SANGYO Co., Ltd., FUJIFILM Imaging Systems Co., Ltd.


Canon Inc., FUJIFILM Corporation

【Curatorial Cooporation】

Lucky Star Co., Ltd., Tomio Koyama Gallery Inc.

【Items Exhibited】

Photographs, Movie, etc. About 400 items

【Number of Visitors】



(1)Artist Talk

Dates: Friday 17th of July

Speaker: Mika Ninagawa

Number of Attendees:Total 510

(2)Gallery Talk (by Curators)
Dates: every Sundays during the exhibition

Number of Attendees:Total 575



Holding period
2009/07/17 〜 2009/09/23
Viewing time
Admission fee