neoteny japan

neoteny japan


Friday 18th of July to Monday 15th of September, 2008 (52 days)


Kagoshima Prefectural Culture Foundation,

Minami-Nippon Shimbun, Co. Ltd, KAGOSHIMA T.V.BROADCASTING CO., LTD.


Yusui Town, Kirishima City, Kirishima-sanroku Yusui Town Tourism Association, DAIICHI KOUTSU SANGYO GROUP

【Special Cooperation】

Ryutaro Takahashi, Kokoronokai

【Curatorial Cooporation】

Mayumi Uchida, Yayoi Kojima

【Items Exhibited】

Paintings, Sculptures, Insatallations, Movie, etc. About 80 items

【Number of Visitors】




Dates: Friday 18th of July

Speaker: Ryutaro Takahashi, Aritsts

Number of Attendees: 300


Instructor: Tomoko Konoike

Dates:Saturday 19th of July

Number of Attendees: 13

Dates:Sunday 20th of July

Number of Attendees: 11

(3)Artist Talk

Dates:Sunday 3rd of August

Speaker: Tabaimo

Number of Attendees: 72

Dates:Sunday 31st of August

Speaker: Tadasu Takamine

Number of Attendees: 74

(2)Gallery Talk (by Curators)
Dates:27th of July, 10th, 17th and 24th of August, 7th and 14th of November (all Sundays)

Number of Attendees:Total 240



Holding period
2008/07/18 〜 2008/09/15
Viewing time
Admission fee