On Conceptual Clothing

On Conceptual Clothing


Thursday 21st of July to Sunday 4th of September, 2005 (40 days)


Kagoshima Prefectural Culture Foundation, Minami-Nippon Shimbun, Co. Ltd, KAGOSHIMA T.V.BROADCASTING CO., LTD.


Yusui Town, Makizono Town, Kirishima City, The Kagoshima University Museum, NANASAI CO., LTD.

【Curatorial Cooporation】

Musashino Art University Museum & Library, Musashino Art University Department of Scenography Display and Fashion Design

【Items Exhibited】

Installations, Movies, Documents, etc. About 90 items

【Number of Visitors】



(1)Aritst Parformance 1

Date: Thursday 21st of July

Parformer: Jarg Geismar and students of Musashino Art University

Number of Attendees: About 200

(2)Aritst Parformance 2

Date: Thursday 21st of July

Parformer: Marie-Ange Guilleminot

Number of Attendees: About 150



Date: Saturday 30th of July

Instructor: The Kagoshima University Museum

Number of Attendees: 33


(4)Artist Talk

Dates: Saturday 20th of August

Speaker: Fumiho Tachibana, Kazuko Koike

Number of Attendees: 135


(5)Gallery Talk by the artitst

Dates: every Sundays during the exhibition

Number of Attendees: 30 on average



Holding period
2005/07/21 〜 2005/09/04
Viewing time
Admission fee