Taro Okamoto The Discoverer of Jomon Art

Taro Okamoto The Discoverer of Jomon Art


Wednesday 10th of July to Wednesday 21st of August, 2002


Kagoshima Prefectural Culture Foundation, Minami-Nippon Shimbun, Co. Ltd, Minaminihon Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

【Curatorial Cooporation】

TARO OKAMOTO MUSEUM of ART,KAWASAKI, NHK Promotions Inc., Tsurumoto Room Co. Ltd.

【Back up】

NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Kagoshima

【Items Exhibited】

Paintings 25, Sculpture 25, Photographs 20, Jomon Pottery etc. 30  Total 100 items

【Number of Visitors】




Date: Wednesday 10th of July

Speaker: Toshiko Okamoto

Number of Attendees: About 80

(2)Workshop (by Curators)

Date: Sunday 21st of July

Number of Attendees: 22

(3)Gallery Talk (by Curators)
Dates: every Sundays during the exhibition



Holding period
2002/07/10 〜 2002/08/21
Viewing time
Admission fee