Animal Sculptures of the 20th Century

Animal Sculptures of the 20th Century


Saturday 9th of June to Monday 29th of July, 2001


Kirishima Open-Air Museum, The Executive Committee of the Exhibition “Animal Sculptures of the 20th Century”, The Yomiuri Shimbun, Seibu, The Japan Association of Art Museums

【Back up】

Monnaie de Paris, Embassy of France in Japan, Kagoshima Prefectural Board of Education, Kagoshima Yomiuri TV


Kao Corporation


Japan Airlines

【Curatorial Cooporation】

Spatial Design Consultants Co., Ltd.

【Items Exhibited】

Sculptures 61 items



Date: Sunday 22nd of July

Speaker: Tadasumi Yakushiji

Number of Attendees: About 40


Date: Friday 20th of July

Number of Attendees: 29

(3)Gallery Talk(by Curators)

Dates: every Sundays during the exhibtion



Holding period
2001/06/09 〜 2001/07/29
Viewing time
Admission fee