2nd Kirishima Lobby Project Agi CHEN

2nd Kirishima Lobby Project Agi CHEN


This year, Kirishima Open-Air Museum’s Asian artist invitationprogram, the Kirishima Lobby Project, will be hosting Agi Chen,who will be performing live creation of artworks and teaching workshops at the museum. Agi’s artwork transforms world-famous cartoon characters into concentric circles using the same colour scheme.

During this year’s Kirishima Lobby Project, 10 mascot characters from across Kagoshima will be selected via a poll to become the foundations of Agi’s new artwork, which she will be creating live in the museum. You’ll have the chance to see the characters that you choose be transformed into new art. We look forward to receiving your votes and hope to see you at the museum!


Open Studio: 2017. 6.13 Tue〜6.25 Sun

Exhibition 2017.6.8 Tue〜7.2 Sun


[Character Poll]

Vote for your favourite Kagoshima mascot character and see Agi turn them into an artwork. One lucky voter selected by lottery will win a return flight to Taiwan!

Voting period: April 25th, 2017 (Tue) – May 31st (Wed, must arrive by this date)

How to vote: First, please pick a character from the list displayed on our official

website and submit your vote to us:

  1. By email at info@open-air-museum.org with the subject “Character Poll”. Mobile users can scan the QR code to the right.
  2. Written on a postcard and sent to our mailing address below.
  3. In person at the museum.

Please include the following information with your submission:

  1. The number of the character you are voting for
  2. If you would like to enter the lottery, your full name and phone number(or email address)

*The winner of the lottery must be able to attend a presentation ceremony, to be held at the Kirishima Open-Air Museum in mid-June to receive the airline ticket.

Publication of Results: The top 10 (approx.) ranked characters will be made into new artworks.

Results will be announced on our official website in early June.

Prize Lottery: The winner will be selected at random from voters who have elected to enter the lottery, regardless of the final rank of the character they voted for. Voters with multiple submissions are ineligible. Only the winner will be notified.

Prize: One return airfare from Kagoshima Airport to Taiwan Taoyuan Airport via China Airline


Instructed by Agi Chen

Learn how to draw your own little circle using a character’s colours.



June 10th Sat

June 11th Sun

June 17th Sat

June 18th Sun

June 24th Sat

All classes start at 2:00 PM

Max. 20 persons per class

* Please call 0995-74-5945 in advance to reserve your place.

Applications for each class will close once all spots are filled.

* Please see our website for more details.





Organized by Kagoshia Prefectural Culture Foundation

Supported by China Airlines

Backed up by Minami-Nippon Shimbun. Co.Ltd., Minaminihon Broadcasting Co., Ltd., Kagoshima Broadcasting Corporation, Kagoshima Yomiuri Television, Kagoshima Television Station Co., Ltd., NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), Kagoshima




Kirishima Open-Air Museum - Exhibition Lobby
Holding period
2017/06/10 〜 2017/07/02
Viewing time
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Admission until 4:30 PM)
Admission fee
Includes entry to permanent exhibition - Adults : 310 (240) yen / Students: 200 (160) yen / Ages 6-15 : 150 (120) yen / Chlidren 5 and under : Free (Admission fee in parentheses applied for groups of 20 or larger)


Agi Chen
Agi was born in 1980 in Taoyuan, Taiwan and graduated from the National Hsinchu University of Education in 2003, majoring in art and design. In 2006, she completed a research course in sculpture and went on to earn her doctorate in artistic creation theory in 2014, both at the National Tainan University of the Arts. Since 2004, Agi has been releasing artworks that depict various characters as concentric circles. Her work has been displayed at exhibitions across the world, beginning with the Taiwan Biennale in 2008. She has also exhibited her works in Japan at the Kobe Biennale (2011) and the Fukuoka Triennale (2014).