Satoshi Ohtera:Solo Exhibition Ohtematic 2018

Satoshi Ohtera:Solo Exhibition Ohtematic 2018

After the 3/11 earthquake, Ohtera had realized the dangers of being in a highly concentrated society. Living in Nagayoshi, Kagoshima, he states his reasons for moving to a less centralized area as “becoming a father who is able to work at home and return to the countryside” and “being able to search for rare bugs.” Working under the theme of “Is there something I can do through my illustrations?,” he envisions the way things ought to be and how we should live while also continuing to think of what is most important in life.


Along with the start of this exhibition, we will begin selling a publication titled “The Works of Satoshi Ohtera” (Film Art Publications, 2018) that also showcases the new creations we have in our museum as well as the evolution of Ohtera’s style into playful pop art. Through Ohtera’s bird’s eye view of popular culture and illustration, perhaps we can learn about Kagoshima’s possible future as well.


[Related Events]

◎Talk Event

March 25 (Sunday) 2-3:30 pm.

(The History of Graphic Design in Kagoshima)

Satoshi Ohtera x Kei Ogawa (Art Director, Painter) x Hiroyuki Miyazono (Art Curator for Kirishima Open Air Museum)


April 1 (Sunday) 2-3:30pm

(“The Works of Satoshi Ohtera” Launch Party and Signing)

Satoshi Ohtera x Ihara Keiichirou (Professor at Kagoshima University)


April 15 (Sunday)

(Stories about Design)

Satoshi Ohtera x Hashimoto Yoshihisa (Ameta Diner)


◎Live Performance by the Artist(A demonstrative illustration through Adobe Illustrator)

*Each session is scheduled from 2-3:30pm

March 11 (Sunday), 18 (Sunday), 21 (Wednesday- public holiday)

April 8 (Sunday)


◎“The Works of Satoshi Ohtera” and various goods for sale


[Example Pieces from the Exhibition]

Fast city

Hirakawa Zoo



  • の画像


Kagoshima Prefecture Kirishima Open Air Museum Art Hall, Exhibition Lobby
Holding period
2018/02/27 〜 2018/04/15
The Museum is closed on Mondays.
Viewing time
9am – 5pm (Entrance open until 4:30 pm)
Admission fee
Includes entrance to outdoor area:Adults ¥310 [¥240 in groups of 20 and over]/High School Students ¥200 [¥160 in groups of 20 and over]/Elementary and Middle School Students ¥150 [¥120 in groups of 20 and over]



Satoshi Ohtera