Takashi Hatta Sculpture Exhibition [Magma Memory]

Takashi Hatta Sculpture Exhibition [Magma Memory]

Takashi Hatta makes art work out of volcanic rocks from the Sakurajima volcano in Kagoshima. Through the art space, a delicate arrangement of rough rocks, one can feel both the beauty created by the blank spaces and the solid presence of the art.

While the artist battles the fear that using one’s own hands will tarnish the natural beauty of the solid lava, through adding a human touch to the distinctive atmosphere of the rocks, his pieces -influenced by minimalism and Mono-ha art styles unique to Japan- become sublimated into shapes that transgress words.

[Related Events]

  • Opening Event 4/21 [Sculpture and Recorder Collaboration]

(Recorder: Yoshimine Fumiharu) 1pm and 3pm; each performance will be about 20 min.

  • Workshop (all starting at 2pm)

4/29 [Building a Miniature Rock Garden]

5/3 [Rock Carving Experience]

6/3 [Making Small Things Using Volcanic Rocks] (vase, card stand, etc)

Example Pieces:










From a Single Stone…











Shape Marks

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Kagoshima Prefecture Kirishima Open Air Museum Art Hall
Holding period
2018/04/21 〜 2018/06/10
Viewing time
9am – 5pm (Entrance open until 4:30 pm)
Admission fee
Includes entrance to outdoor area:Adults ¥310 [¥240 in groups of 20 and over]/High School Students ¥200 [¥160 in groups of 20 and over]/Elementary and Middle School Students ¥150 [¥120 in groups of 20 and over]



Takashi Hatta
Born in Kagoshima, Takashi Hatta majored in sculpture at Tama Art University. He worked in the Kanto region but in 1998, after working on a piece for the Kagoshima Prefectural Office and staying in the area for four months, he decided to move back to Kagoshima.
Award History:
Yokohama Biennale Sculpture Exhibition Encouragement Prize, Rikyu Park Modern Sculpure Exhibition at Kanagawa Prefecture MOMA Award
Exhibition and Installation History:
1995 Miyazaki International Contemporary Sculpture and Airport Exhibit (through 2017)
[Black Spiral] (The garden at the Kagoshima Prefectural Office 1998) [Private Garden] (Kirishima Open Air Museum 2000) Monument [Stone View] (Kurayoshi Park Square 2001) Kyushu Shinkansen Opening Commemoration Field Sculpture 2004 (Kagoshima Prefectural History Center Reimeikanmae Garden 2004) EXPO RAINDBOW IN SAKURAJIMA (2015) Solo Exhibition [Ishi no Hiraki] (ZENZAI GALLERY Aira City Gamoucho 2016)
[Statue Exhibit] (Nagashima Art Museum 2017)

[Sponsor] Kagoshima Prefecture Kirishima Open Air Museum
[Support] Kagoshima Bank, Chuokenketsu, Kagoshima Toyota, Maesako Stone, Okuyama Sangyo, Nakamura, Living Well
[Collaborators] Yoshimine Music Office, RH Plus, Shoko Miyanaga