The word “scenery” does not merely refer to an undisturbed natural landscape. When man-made structures are added to it, a village is established and people begin to live within it; if you look at it from afar, everything — including human activity – becomes a part of that landscape. Shinichiro Nakahara, who moved from Kagoshima to Tokyo to pursue his interest in furniture design, expanded his range of activities in tune with his changing interests through Landscape Products, the company he himself started. The central idea was to “create beautiful scenery.”

Here, the design, craftsmanship, and works of art that have been the object of Nakahara’s admiration, and the work of young Kagoshima craft-artists that he has met in the process of acquiring skill in their respective crafts, will be arranged according to twenty-six key-words. We believe that, from such a place, the unfettered flow of ideas and originality indispensable to the creation of new and beautiful landscapes for Kagoshima will come about naturally.

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■Opening Event : April 27th (Sat) 14:00~16:30 Yuri Nomura(eatrip), Chin Jukan XV, Shinichiro Nakahara etc.

■Talk Event “ How to create a landscape”

○April 27th (Sat) 14:30~15:30

Speakers : Chin Jukan XV, Shinichiro Nakahara / Questioner : Hitoshi Okamoto

Contents : Sharing a discussion on landscapes of the future with Chin Jukan XV (15thsuccessor to the Shim Suguan ceramic tradition originating in Korea).

○April 28th (Sun) 14:00~15:30

Speakers : Yuri Nomura, Shinichiro Nakahara / Questioner : Hitoshi Okamoto

Contents : Touching on Yuri Nomura and Shinichiro Nakahara’s landscape philosophy, influenced by their connections with California.

○May 12th (Sun) 14:00~15:30

Speakers : Akira Minagawa, Shinichiro Nakahara / Questioner : Tomoko Yotsumoto

Contents : Touching on the “landscape” of Akira Minagawa, an experienced design director now working on his own brand.

○June 23th (Sun) 14:00~15:30

Speakers : Taka Kawachi, Shinichiro Nakahara / Questioner : Hitoshi Okamoto

Contents : Touching on landscape as seen by Taka Kawachi, a critic and curator of art and design.

■Playmountain POP UP shop : April 27th(Sat)~May 6th(Mon) and every Saturday and Sunday.

【Exhibition contents and images】

About fifty works (including two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and installation works) based on subjects from around Japan (including Kagoshima artists) and other countries that have inspired Nakahara.








《Raymond Cabinet Low(2003)》 (C) Yoshio Kato

《Interior design in SUSUMUYA tea shop》(Kagoshima City/2012)(C) Ippei Nakamura

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Kirishima Open-Air Museum Art Hall 2nd exhibition room
Holding period
2019/04/27 〜 2019/06/30
Closed on Mondays.(except when Monday is a national holiday, in which case the museum is closed on Tuesday.)
Viewing time
9:00-17:00 (last entry : 16:30)
Admission fee
General Public : ¥310 (¥240) / High School・University Students : ¥200 (¥160) / Elementary・Middle School Students : ¥150 (¥120)*Figures in parentheses are admission fees for groups of 20 or more.*Admission free for residents of Kagoshima Prefecture over 70.*Students of elementary, junior high and senior high schools within Kagoshima Prefecture admitted free of charge on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. (proof of age, school enrollment required)



About Shinichiro Nakahara and Landscape Products
Shinichiro Nakahara was born in Kagoshima, 1971. Gratuated from Kagoshima university, faculty of education, majored in art education. Landscape Products was formed in 1997, centering on works by Nakahara, to create new styles of craftsmanship based on mid-20thcentury modern design. Activities include the production and sale of furniture, design of residential, commercial and retail spaces, development of company brand shops, production and direction of exhibits and events, editing/publishing and branding; all as a way of creating new landscapes and scenery.
“Satsuma-mono” events -- compiled three-dimensionally from a unique Kagoshima perspective -- are held in Japan and overseas. Nakahara also supervises the project “MIGOTE” by the Kagoshima Special Products Association and the “Kawanabe Shuren” project by the Kawanabe Butsudan Guild.