Squid Artist Painter Yuka Miyauchi Open Studio & Communication “IKA IKA (Squid Squid) Heaven”

Squid Artist Painter Yuka Miyauchi Open Studio & Communication “IKA IKA (Squid Squid) Heaven”

Ever since she fell in love with the beauty and tastiness of squids, “squid artist painter” Yuka Miyauchi has been drawing and painting the sea creature, fueled by her bottomless passion for exploring the subject.

Miyauchi is an artist who spent most of her time in dialogue with squids while the world has gone through drastic changes in the 21st century. What are her thoughts at this moment and time? And how will she render her beloved subject?

She will be creating one of her largest works to date in front of visitors at “Ikiiki Center Kurinosato,” a community center in Yusui Town. The event will be live-streamed.

Miyauchi resonates with the life and death of squids as she works with pigments extracted from these creatures. By seeing her work, the viewers will have a chance to grasp the depth of her creation and reflect on their own mortality.

【Sponsor】Kirishima Open-Air Museum

【Cooperation】Yusui town/Yusui town Board of education

【Related Events】

Livestreaming of the artist creating work in front of visitors.

Workshop: painting with squid ink.

   Date: October 31(Sun). November 6(Sat), Time: 13:00-16:00

Exhibition of tools and art supplies made from squid

○ Exhibition of the artist’s columns published regularly on “mono MAGAZINE” (World Photo Press).

Exhibition of colorings, designed by the artist and colored by elementary and middle school students of Yusui Town.

Merchandise & related items available for sale.

【extra works】








ART IN THE OFFICE 2020《Squid Ring》

TOKYO MIDTOWN AWARD 2019《Ikatokai(Squid and Metropolis)》

22nd Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art《Squid ink print》(2019)

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Ikiiki Center Kurinosato (411-1 Yonenaga, Yusui-cho, Aira-gun)
Holding period
2021/10/24 〜 2021/11/29
Holding period
2021/10/24 (Sun)〜 2021/11/29(Mon)
Open Studio
2021/10/24 (Sun)〜 2021/11/7(Sun)
* Closed on November 1th(Mon)
2021/11/8 (Mon)〜 2021/11/29(Mon)
* Closed on November 15th(Mon)
Viewing time
Open Studio 10:00 〜 17:00<br /> Exhibition 10:00 〜 22:00
Admission fee



Born in Osumi Peninsula, Kagoshima Prefecture. Graduated from Tara School of Design. Lives in Kagoshima.
Presented works in various solo and group exhibitions, including, “Kyushu Art All-Member Assembly Exhibition” (Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto 2012 Kumamoto), “IKA-GANA mono Visual Dictionary Exhibition” (iriya plus café @ custom warehouse 2014 Tokyo), “Osumi Art Live Exhibition” (2017 Kagoshima), “STREET MUSEUM TOKYO MIDTOWN” (2020 Tokyo), “FROM THE EDGE: Artists born in Kagoshima in the 1980s” (Kagoshima City Museum of Art 2021 Kagoshima). Winner of “14th Namaiki VOICE ARTMARKET Grand Prix” organized by KTS Kagoshima Television Station (2010), selected for the “22nd Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art” (2019), runner-up in the “TOKYO MIDTOWN AWARD 2019 Art Competition” (2019), winner of “ART IN THE OFFICE 2020” (2020), organized by Monex Group, Inc. Contributes a monthly column for mono MAGAZINE (2013-2017, 2018-ongoing). These columns were published as an e-book, “IKA-GANA mono Visual Dictionary” (2017). Branching out to various fields, including TV appearances.