Art Lab Artist Hirakawa Nagisa Exhibition : Dialogue with Yon / You

Art Lab Artist Hirakawa Nagisa Exhibition : Dialogue with Yon / You

Artist Hirakawa Nagisa has been making site-specific artworks while staying in various communities, drawing inspiration from the memory of the land and the daily lives of the local people. She weaves yarn and thread into three-dimensional artworks in space. In recent years, she has exhibited works from her project, where she collected old clothes and knitted items from people and created artworks focusing on the stories around each item.
This exhibition marks the last chapter of the project, “Collecting Hand-Knitted Narratives,” which she has been working on in Kagoshima Prefectureʼs Yusui Town since 2021. The show features artworks by Hirakawa, who, through the hand-knitted items and episodes collected from the townspeople, formed relationships with the people and embraced each person’s irreplaceable story. Some of the exhibits are newly made works.
This show provides a glimpse into the daily scenes lived by others, allowing viewers to experience a universal narrative that transcends individual circumstances.

【Sponsor】Kirishima Open-Air Museum


■ Lodgerʼs Open Studio
Visitors are invited to see Hirakawa work on her installation. She will use yarn from the knitted items she collected and unraveled in her 2021 project.
◯ 1st Open Studio : Friday, May 27 ‒ Wednesday, June 1, 10:30 ‒ 16:00 *closed on Monday, May 30
◯ 2nd Open Studio : Tuesday, June 28 ‒ Saturday, July 2, 10:30 ‒ 16:00
◯ 3rd Open Studio : Saturday, October 29 ‒ Sunday, November 6, 10:30 ‒ 16:00 *closed on Monday,October 31, and Friday, November 4
Venue : Yusui Town Kurino Library (no reservation needed/admission free)

■ Talk Event : Setting Up a Dialogue with You over Yonder
Sunday, December 25, 14:00 ‒ 15:00
Speakers : Kawanami Chizuru (independent curator) and Hirakawa Nagisa

■ Lecture Performance : Reply from the Future
Performer : Sasaki Ayami (Scenographer/FAIFAI)

■ Concert: Knitted Score
Sunday, January 15, 14:00 ‒ 15:00
Performer : Nomura Makoto (composer/pianist)

■ Book Reading by Kurino Libraryʼs librarian
Saturday, January 21, and Saturday, February 4, starting from 14:00

■ Additional Open Studio (dates will be set during the exhibition that runs through February 12.)

■ Books and other items available for sale.


《Knitting the Ground》(Studio Imaichi / Yamaguchi 2013) photo : Owaki Richi

《Minawa》(Kizaki Lake / Nagano 2016)

《Endless Story》(2017) collection of Miyakonojo City Museum of art

《Itonami》(Yusui Town Kurino Library / Kagoshima 2021)

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* Exhibition Catalog: ①pp. 1-29  ②pp. 30-41


Kirishima Open-Air Museum Art Hall
Holding period
2022/12/21 〜 2023/02/12
Closed on Mondays. (If Monday is a National Holiday, the museum will be open, and instead closed on Tuesday. Please note that the museum will also be closed from 12/29 through 1/2 for the New Yearʼs holiday.)
Viewing time
9:00-17:00(Last Entry : 16:30)
Admission fee
General Public : ¥320 (¥250) / High School・University Students : ¥210 (¥160) / Elementary・Middle School Students : ¥150 (¥120)<br /> * Figures in parentheses are admission fees for groups of 20 or more.<br /> * Admission free for residents of Kagoshima Prefecture over 70.<br /> * Students of elementary, junior high and senior high schools within Kagoshima Prefecture admitted free of charge on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. (proof of age, school enrollment required)



Hirakawa Nagisa
Born in Oita Prefecture in 1979. Lives in Kagoshima Prefecture since 2013.
While staying in various communities and using materials unique to each location, she weaves structures into space, creating temporary installations.
She also runs a project that collects old clothes and knitted items from the local people. She approaches memories and events related to these items and reorganizes them as artworks.
Her major exhibitions include the following.
[2022] “Layover” (Japan Center / Columbia)
[2021] “We know more than just the names of flowers.” (Nagashima Museum / Kagoshima)
[2017] “Local Prospects 3: Primordial Senses” (Mitsubishi Estate ARTIUM / Fukuoka), “Message 2017: Contemporary Artists of South Kyushu” (Miyakonojo City Museum of art / Miyazaki).
Her work is included in the collection of Miyakonojo City Museum of art.