Art Lab Seiji Takezo Exhibition: Drop in

Art Lab Seiji Takezo Exhibition: Drop in

*Due to maintenance work, the exhibition has been relocated from the Exhibition Lobby at the Art Hall to Galleries 2 and 3.

We are pleased to present a solo exhibition of illustrator Seiji Takezoe. Using digital tools, Takezoe creates illustrations for clients in various fields, including advertising and editorial projects. He is a nomadic worker based in Kagoshima, a big prefecture that spans 600 km north to south. He has lived and worked in the remote island of Tokunoshima for five years since 2016. On the island, he has explored the role and possibilities of illustration in rural areas through his involvement in community-based design and planning while working for clients in and outside the prefecture. His illustration style, which has a tropical touch and evokes the feeling of light-hearted travel, has gained in popularity. This exhibition is curated around the keywords “remote islands, nomads, and bicycles” and conveys the charm of remote islands from a traveler’s perspective. Exploring the boundary between illustration and cartoon-like expression, which is his roots, his works are rich with expressively spun narratives, suggesting new possibilities and a journey ahead.

Takezoe works with the concept of creating soft points of contact. His works produced at the intersection of multiple fields will surely propose new connections.

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Free of charge, no reservation required.

■Opening Talk

Saturday, December 9, 14:00 – 15:30

The artist will talk about his career, creative output, and the works on display.

■Gallery Talk 1: “Reflections on the Nomadic Work Style”

Saturday, December 23, 14:00 – 15:30

Genki Takata x Seiji Takezoe

An online conversation between Takezoe and Genki Takata, a cartoonist and illustrator based in Berlin. The two illustrators will share their experiences as freelance creatives and discuss the possibilities of the “work from anywhere” nomadic work style.

■Gallery Talk 2: “Island Life and Illustration”

Saturday, January 20, 14:00 – 15:30

Kenta Yamashita x Seiji Takezoe

Takezoe, who lived in Tokunoshima for five years and created illustration and package design for local businesses, will have a conversation with Kenta Yamashita. Yamashita is the head of a company in Koshikishima in Satsumasendai City called Island Company. He is also the founder and representative of the Kagoshima Remote Islands Cultural Economic Circle (Ritolab). They will talk about the rich environment of the islands in Kagoshima and discuss the many possibilities creative people can find in these islands.


■Kagoshima Illustrators’ File 2024 Presentation

Sunday, January 21, 14:00 – 15:30

■Closing Talk

Sunday, February 11, 14:00 – 15:30

Agopan x Riichiro Shinozaki x Seiji Takezoe

The three creators, all graduates of Kajiki High School and now working as illustrators and artists, will look back on the exhibition and discuss their creative work and more.

■Related items, including those with packages designed by Takezoe are for sale at the cafe & shop in the museum’s main building.


Talk Event Guests’ Profile


■Saturday, December 23


Genki Takada: Cartoonist & illustrator.

Born in 1976, lives in Berlin. He started working as a freelance illustrator in 2004 and has lived in Germany with his wife since 2012. He works extensively as an illustrator, cartoonist, author, Youtuber, and blogger and posts regularly on social media. His recent illustration works include commission work from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Japan Patent Office for their website, “Japan Patent Office Tour.” He has also published two books of his own. As a father of a child, he continues to push the limits of balancing freelance work and childcare.




■Saturday, January 20


Kenta Yamashita: President of Island Company, founder and representative of the Kagoshima Remote Islands Cultural Economic Circle (Ritolab).

Born in 1985, in Kamikoshikishima Island. He is the president of two companies, Island Company and Shimamori Company.

In a small village of approximately 200 residents, he runs 17 businesses, including production, processing, and retail of local produce and fishery, restoration of vacant houses, product development, tofu store, restaurant, bakery, and decentralized accommodation. Working under the concept of “Nostalgic Scenes of the Future,” he is involved in various domestic and international projects that span many regions and industries. Through consistent design management and reorganizing resources unique to each area, he realizes a healthy circulation of local resources and provides products and services that make people happy. He is a recipient of the Local Award at “Beyond Sustainability 2022,” which awards companies leading the way in sustainability, and the Prime Minister’s Award at the 2022 Furusato Zukuri Grand Prize.



■Sunday, February 11


Agopan: Illustrator

Born in 1979. He is a panda painter who specializes in panda characters.

He shows and sells his works at commercial galleries and art fairs in China and has held an exhibition called “Panda Forest” at the Kirishima Open-Air Museum in 2017.

His artworks include art direction for the interior and exterior of the “Agopan Cafe” for the 70th anniversary of Almond Roppongi (2016), cover illustrations for Yasutaka Tsutsui’s novel, “Nokyo Tsuki e Iku” (2017, published by Kadokawa Bunko), and illustrations for the wrap ad for the Kagoshima City Transportation Bureau’s sister city tie-in trams (2021). In recent years, he has exhibited at art fairs in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea, expanding the scope of his activities.




Riichiro Shinozaki: Artist & illustrator.

Born in 1989 in Kagoshima. He is an artist and illustrator who mainly creates line drawings and drawings. In addition to showing in solo and group exhibitions, he has worked on advertisements, editorial projects, CD sleeves, murals, etc.


His recent exhibitions include “INSIDE_DIVER” (2023, solo show at Daikanyama Tsutaya Books in Tokyo), “Kirameku Hoshitachi no Utsuwa (Vessels of Shining Stars)” (2023, solo show at PAGIC Gallery in Tokyo), “Shin no Zo (Heart)” (2022, solo show at 7gallery in Kyoto), “FROM THE EDGE: Artists born in Kagoshima in the 1980s” (2021, group show at Kagoshima City Museum of Art), “Inside Diver” (2018, solo show at Kirishima Open-Air Museum).



【Images】The exhibition will show approximately 50works, including illustration and installations.

“Preparation” 2023

“Departure” 2023


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*Although the leaflet indicates the Exhibition Lobby as the venue, the exhibition has been relocated to Galleries 2 and 3 due to maintenance work.


* Exhibition Catalog


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Seiji Takezoe
Born in 1981 in Aira City, currently lives in Satsuma Town. After completing the graduate school engineering program at Hiroshima University, he worked as an engineer and nonprofit staff before becoming a freelance illustrator in 2008. Using digital tools, he works with various clients in and outside Hiroshima Prefecture and in multiple fields, including commercial and corporate magazines, advertisements, websites, product packaging design, local guidebooks, and posters. His recent exhibitions include “Wind On The Island” (2019, museum shop T in Tokyo), “BOOKMARK” (2022, zenzai Marginal Gallery in Kagoshima), “ash-Design & Craft Fair 2022” (2022, Yakushima, Kagoshima), “Illustration Festival” (2022-2023). He provided illustrations for books such as "Wagaya Denryoku (Homespun Electricity)" and "Punk Dobutsuki (Punk Animal Tales)." He is the publisher of the zine, kagoshima illustrators file (2010-).