Ryo Inoue Solo Exhibition [It’s Summer Vacation! Ghost Museum]

Ryo Inoue fills his one of a kind world with a pop-like painting style, unique animation, unforgettable music, and expressive activities. He is always churning out new creations that charm people of all ages with the desire “to make art that everyone can enjoy.” The self-made drawings, lyrics, and music influenced by Inoue’s unique sense of design match his playful animations spectacularly, filling the viewer with a sense of wonder. Our museum is opening its door to the colorful world of Ryo Inoue and will be displaying works from his collection as well as new animation clips, original drawings for animation, illustration pieces, and installations exclusive to this exhibition.


【Related Events】

◎August 11 Workshop with the Artist (“Let’s make animation”)

From 14:00 on Saturday/national holiday, a workshop by Ryo Inoue.

◎August 12 Discussion with the Artist (“It’s summer vacation! Let’s make good memories with the artist”)

From 14:00 on Sunday, talk and performance (singing songs, etc.) by Ryo Inoue.

We stopped accepting the application for both of the above events, but you can see them from the outside through the window.

If you would like to watch the event on Sunday, August 12, standing at the rear of the venue, we will distribute a numbered ticket to you at noon in the museum on the day. Even if you do not have a numbered ticket, you can see the inside of the venue from the outside. (No reservation in advance is necessary.)

*Those without seating tickets are able to stand and watch

*Photography and audio recording is prohibited during the session


【Example Works of “Art Tunes! ” TV program】

“NINJA LADY with a Pearl Earring”

©NHK / Ryo Inoue 2018


“A Secret between Two Gods”

©NHK / Ryo Inoue 2018


【Original Art Work by INOUE Ryo】

“Ninjas in the Ghost Museum” ©INOUE Ryo 2018