Past Events

2024 Spring Collection Exhibition

2024/02/21 〜 2024/05/19

2024 Spring Collection Exhibition


2024 Spring Collection Exhibition

Kirishima Open-Air Museum Art Hall

2024/02/21 – 2024/05/19

Closed on every Mondays.
(If Monday is a national holiday, the museum will be open, and instead closed on Tuesday. However, it will be open on April 30th.)

9:00am – 5:00pm ( Last entry 4:30pm)


General Public: ¥320 (¥260) / High School・University Students: ¥220 (¥170) / Elementary・Middle School Students: ¥160 (¥130) / Infants: Free

* Figures in parentheses are admission fees for groups of 20 or more.

* Admission free for residents of Kagoshima Prefecture over 70.

* Students of elementary, junior high and senior high schools within Kagoshima Prefecture admitted free of charge on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. (proof of age, school enrollment required)


Exhibited works:

Isamu NOGUCHI: Ways of Discovery (1983-84)
SATO Churyo: Frolic (1964), Hat, Summer (1972)
NAKAMURA Shinya: Miserere XIII (1998)
Donald JUDD: Untitled (1989)
Sol LEWITT: Pyramid #2 (1985)
SHIGEMURA Mitsuo: Outside of Freedom (1977),  Seats for People Waiting (1989), Where Will We Go Tomorrow? (1992)
Claes OLDENBURG: Soft Saxophone, Scale A, Vinyl (1992)
Niki de SAINT PHALLE: Dawn Blue (1995)
ONO Yoko: Endangered Species:2319-2322 (1992)
MIZOGUCHI Shuichi: Dress Oneself (1988)
James TURRELL: NHK-lite (1998)
OKU Densaburo: Bones (1996)
Jenny HOLZER: Blue (1998)
FUNAKOSHI Katsura: A Yard of Clouds (1999)
Anish KAPOOR: Untitled (1999)
KUSUMOTO Kayoko: Meteor (1998)
MIYAJIMA Tatsuo: Changing Time with Changing Self No.25-W (2002)
IKEGAWA Sunao: The Memory of Boy III (1998)
NOMAGUCHI Izumi: Aria II : Toward the Wind (1999)
Ah XIAN: China, China – Bust 47 (1999)

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2023 Winter Collection Exhibition

2023/12/08 〜 2024/02/12

2023 Winter Collection Exhibition


The Kirishima Open-Air Museum maintains a permanent collection of 41 artists whose work is publicly exhibited on a four-part, rotating basis throughout the year in our indoor Art-Hall.
As you make your way through the exhibition space, please refer to our series of art cards for unique insights and a heightened level of engagement with this multinational collection of diverse works by leading contemporary artists.
This year marks the 70th anniversary of the return of the Amami Islands to Japan. We will exhibit all four works by Mitsuo Shigemura, who was born on Okinoerabu Island.


SHIGEMURA Mitsuo: Outside of Freedom (1977),  Mona Lisa in Profile (1983), Seats for People Waiting (1989), Where Will We Go Tomorrow? (1992)

SHINOHARA Ushio:Van Gogh Scooter (1997)

MIYAJIMA Tatsuo:Changing Time with Changing Self No.25-W (2002)

MURAKAMI Takashi:Physical Pie (1992)

Niki de SAINT PHALLE:Dawn Blue (1995)

Ah XIAN:China, China – Bust 47 (1999)

Ravinder G.REDDY:Woman from Kapulapadu (1997)


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