Greeting from the Museum Director

Kirishima Open-Air Museum opened in October 2000 as Kagoshima Prefecture’s premier hub for artistic exchange.

One of the few outdoor museums operating in Japan, the museum boasts a number of sculptural pieces with high artistic value that blend seamlessly with the landscape of the Kirishima region.

Visitors can enjoy being within touching-distance of a rich assortment of modern artwork, all while appreciating the beauty of nature in an expansive space that is anything but ordinary.

From pieces that tower over open courtyards to those nestled quietly in the heart of the forest, the expansive grounds are filled with original works conceived by renowned artists to reflect their experiences of the nature, history and culture of Kirishima. We hope you will take the time to find your favorite.

Experiencing the thrill of art that melds perfectly with its environment, here all five of your senses are liberated as you simultaneously relax and feel invigorated.

What’s more, from permanent displays and special exhibitions of the museum’s collections in the Art Hall, to creative workshops and seminars in our multi-purpose space, the museum hosts events that allow people of all ages to feel closer to modern art.

Moving forward, we will continue working to make the Kirishima Open-Air Museum a place where you can expand the limits of your imagination and feel the signs of a new era through modern art.

I sincerely look forward to welcoming all of our visitors, both from within Japan and beyond.


Kirishima Open-Air Museum, Kagoshima Prefecture

Yoichiro KAWAGUCHI, Museum Director