Art Lab Artist Hirakawa Nagisa “Collecting Hand-Knitted Narratives” Project Exhibition “Itonami (Actions of Life)”

Art Lab Artist Hirakawa Nagisa “Collecting Hand-Knitted Narratives” Project Exhibition “Itonami (Actions of Life)”

Artist Hirakawa Nagisa has been making sprawling pieces of art primarily by crocheting, delving into places, people’s memories and time. She has recently been creating art with old clothes and knitted items collected from people, using them as materials carrying individual memories.
The museum plans to hold a solo exhibition of Hirakawa in 2022. In preparation for the exhibition, she has been working on a project since the spring of 2021. She collected hand-knitted items from the residents of Yusui Town, where the museum is located. The items will be unraveled into yarn that could be used to make a large-scale artwork. Twenty people have already submitted hand-knitted items and stories related to each item. The museum is organizing an exhibition titled “Itonami,” focusing on these knitted items and stories. After the show, the knitted items that were donated to the project will be unraveled with the permission of their previous owners. The yarn will be woven into the work that will be exhibited next year.
Hand-knitted items made for someone, within their stitches are the knitter’s emotions, things that our eyes cannot see. The daily life of those who were gifted these items. Life goes on, despite the various changes we go through. The exhibition will provide an opportunity to think about all these things.

【Sponsor】Kirishima Open-Air Museum

【Cooperation】Yusui Town / Yusui town Board of education

【Images】Some of the hand-knitted items used in the project

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Yusui Town Kurino Library (411-1 Yonenaga, Yusui Town, Aira County, Kagoshima Prefecture)
Holding period
2021/10/01 〜 2021/11/07
* Closed on Mondays, October 28th
* The opening date was moved from September 24 to October 1 as a precautionary measure against the coronavirus.
Viewing time
10:00-18:00 (On Fridays, the library will be opened 10:00 to 19:00)
Admission fee



Hirakawa Nagisa
Born in Oita Prefecture in 1979. Lives in Kagoshima Prefecture since 2013. She has visited and stayed in many places to make site-specific art. Using materials that suit each location, she creates a sprawling installation mainly with crochet knitting. She also runs a project that collects old clothes and knitted items from the local people. She approaches memories and events related to these items and reorganizes them as artworks.
Her major exhibitions include the following. [2017] “Local Prospects 3: Primordial Senses” (Mitsubishi Estate ARTIUM/Fukuoka), “Message 2017: Contemporary Artists of South Kyushu” (Miyakonojo City Museum of art/Miyazaki), [2016] “Itoshima International Art Festival 2016 Itoshima Arts Farm” (Fukuoka). Her work is included in the collection of Miyakonojo City Museum of art.

Photo : Eiko Shimozono