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Ninja to Obake Bijutsukan
Video 7’30”, Mitchilda: plasticine, wood, newspaper, etc
Mitchilda 143.5×100×29cm

Ninja B and Ninja C enter an art museum, expecting an afternoon of staid cultural edification. Instead, they quickly realize they’ve stumbled upon a Ghost Museum. A bit of initial mischief leads to friendship as the ninjas whisk the lonesome senior curator Mitchilda away on an unforgettable railway adventure.
Originally debuted under the auspices of a solo exhibition held at the Kirishima Open-Air Museum in summer 2018, the work showcases a number of motifs site-specific to Kagoshima Prefecture. Responsible for both the animation and music in this joyous video, the artist guides the viewer on a leisurely, curated journey through the annals of art history.

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Inoue Ryo

Born Hyogo Prefecture, 1983. Active in an eclectic range of mediums running the gamut from short film (animation/live action) to illustration, manga, installation, and live performance. A true multidisciplinary phenom, Inoue is known for single-handedly producing the compositions, lyrics, animation, and vocals featured in his video works. A graduate of the Kanazawa College of Art, Inoue first rose to prominence when his graduation thesis “Little Red Riding Hood and Health” was honored at the prestigious BACA-JA Contest in 2007. In recent years, Inoue has garnered widespread acclaim for his work on the nationally-syndicated NHK Educational TV program, Art Tunes! (2013-Present).