Regarding photography at the museum

Precautions when shooting
・Shooting is permitted in the outdoor exhibition area for personal use only.
・Please refrain from taking pictures of acts that may inconvenience other people, such as using a drone.
・Some indoor exhibitions may not be photographed. Please check the display when you visit.
・Please refrain from bringing tripods and selfie sticks into the indoor exhibition area.
・Live streaming is prohibited.
・Publishing photos and videos taken for commercial use is prohibited.
・When shooting, please be considerate of the people around you and the work.
・Depending on the situation, the staff may call out to you.  
Use of images is the responsibility of the photographer.
・The works on display are copyrighted by the authors.
・Releasing photos of other people in the photo may violate portrait rights.
・The hotel does not take any responsibility. note that.