The 3rd Kirishima lobby project Lai Chih-Sheng solo exhibition Besides,

Through inviting prominent artists from Asia and Kagoshima for on-site production, residency and exhibitions, the Kirishima Lobby Project aims to stimulate exchange of conversations and interactions with the local community and the international art scene. We sincerely hope that this opportunity would inspire their creativity and support them to be more active in the art world of Japan and abroad.
For the third edition of the Kirishima Lobby Project, we invite Lai Chih-Sheng from Taiwan, an artist who is known for creating minimalistic works using simple materials and techniques. The poetic and tranquil body of works produced by Lai creates a unique spirituality that evokes audience into philosophical thinking. His work encourages us to rethink about how we view the world and provides us with an opportunity to recapture reality.
This solo exhibition encompasses a number of artworks Lai Chih-Sheng made since 2011. We hope you would enjoy his artwork created through dialogues with usual daily commodities and materials.

【Sponsor】Kirishima Open-Air Museum


Paint cans_Kirishima (2019)

Breath (2019)

No Ifs (2013)

All photos by Lai Chih-Sheng

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