Kurowarabi So Sculpture exhibition

Kurowarabi So Sculpture exhibition

Familiar with wood carving since early childhood, the self-taught artist Kurowarabi So developed his unique style as he continued to sculpt even while working as a computer engineer. Making a name for himself as a prize-winning artist at a number of public-invitation exhibitions throughout Japan from the 1980s, in 2015 he received the Hirakushi Denchū Award for notable Japanese wood sculptors.

Kurowarabi pays great attention to detail, closely mimicking the textures of  what he sculpts — whether cloth, shoes, or insects — while addressing relevant social issues and making statements about the human heart. Viewers find themselves drawn into the world of his subjects — seeing themselves or others as silhouettes overlapping everyday objects or parts of the body, as reflected in the mind of the artist.

This exhibition shows both early works and newer ones, including “Chotto kyūkei (Have a break)” (1985), a highly acclaimed piece now in the museum’s private collection. We trust that visitors will capture glimpses of the recurring themes in Kurowarabi’s artistic endeavors and see how his forms of expression relate to one another.

SponsorKirishima Open-Air Museum

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《Anote・Konote》(2009-2010) Photo by FUKUOKA Sakae

《Sou Shoku danshi (Kuwagata)》(2016) Photo by FUKUOKA Sakae

Chotto kyūkei (Have a Break)》(1985) Owned by Kirishima Open-Air museum

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