4th Kirishima Lobby Project: Huang Xuan Exhibition — Around aground

Huang Xuan, Waves, 2022

Video / 16min 30s

(Photographer: Lai Chih-Sheng)


Through inviting prominent artists from Asia and Kagoshima for on-site production, residency and exhibitions, the Kirishima Lobby Project aims to stimulate exchange of conversations and interactions with the local community and the international art scene. We sincerely hope that this opportunity would inspire their creativity and support them to be more active in the art world of Japan and abroad.

After a 4 year hiatus, this will be the 4th such event and this year sees an invitation extended to the Taiwanese artist Huang Xuan. Using her own body and a variety of visual images, Huang seeks to reveal some new and hitherto invisible, subconscious reactions to the everyday objects, words, gestures and images in our world. Her unique techniques turn our preconceptions about the meaning and function of things on their head. Such extraordinary, visual creations will surely encourage the viewer to reconsider their perceptions and provide an opportunity for a new grasp of reality.


Work in progress: 9/16 (Sat) – 9/29 (Fri)

Exhibition: 9/30 (Sat) – 12/3 (Sun)


Artist Statement:
“Around aground” through futile and repetitive actions, the relationship between us and our surroundings in reality is revealed: for example, the pebbles that are thrown out and then washed back by the waves, the sofa that we fall down after trying to crouch down, the mattress that we push ourselves up and then get down again, and the electric fan cover and the shoes sole pattern that are stuck by small stones or branches…….

It is as if they are stranded in the midst of themselves and their surroundings.

It is hoped that through the repetition and reversal of established rules, some kind of new response and thinking will be produced.


Live Art Performance:

①9/30 (Sat) (* Finished)

②10/1 (Sun) (* Finished)

③10/7 (Sat) (* Finished)

④10/8 (Sun) (* Finished)

⑤10/9 (Mon/National Holiday) (* Finished)

1:30 p.m. Start (about 1hour)


Gallery Talk by the Curator:

①10/14 (Sat) (* Finished)

②10/21 (Sat) (* Finished)

③11/4 (Sat) (* Finished)

④11/25 (Sat)

1:30 p.m. Start (about 20minutes)


Organised by: Kirishima Open-Air Museum

Sponsors: Minami-Nippon Shimbun. Co.Ltd. / Minaminihon Broadcasting Co., Ltd. / Kagoshima Television Station Co., Ltd. / Kagoshima Broadcasting Corporation / Kagoshima Yomiuri Television



Huang Xuan, Dark Green Table Lamp (In-House), 2021

Mixed media / Dimension variable

(* This photo is from a performance in Taiwan, 2021)

(Photographer: Huang Chang-Chih)


Huang Xuan, Classic Red Armrest Sofa (In-House), 2021

Mixed media / Dimension variable

(Provided by Taipei Fine Arts Museum)


Huang Xuan, Floor Lamp with White Pleated (In-House), 2021

Mixed media / Dimension variable

(Provided by Taipei Fine Arts Museum)


Huang Xuan, Pinstripe Mattress on White, 2020

Mixed media / Dimension variable

(Photographer: Lai Chih-Sheng)


Huang Xuan, With the wind, 2023

Electric fan, branches / 87☓60☓80cm

(Photographer: Lai Chih-Sheng)


Huang Xuan, A small part of Kirishima, 2023

Shoes, stone / 27☓31☓18cm

(Photographer: Lai Chih-Sheng)


Huang Xuan, Kurino bridge +1, 2023

Photography / 75☓50cm

(Photographer: Lai Chih-Sheng)


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