Past Exhibitions

2018/11/16 〜 2019/01/13

Daito Manabe Rhizomatiks Research Exhibition

Daito Manabe’s artistic practice pushes computer programming to unexplored limits, consistently presenting innovative new approaches to heretofore conventional technologies. Throughout his prolific corpus of high-profile collaborations, Manabe has become an international name in diverse realms spanning design, art, and entertainment. The present exhibition represents Manabe’s first retrospective hosted by a domestic art museum, exploring his impressive oeuvre through an extensive display of extant performance pieces and behind-the-scenes documentation, as well as offering an unprecedented window into his most recent work. The Kirishima Open-Air Museum’s unique environment promises an unparalleled engagement with Manabe’s defining faculties of creativity and preternatural foresight. We hope to see you there.


  • Opening Ceremony: November 16th (Fri.) 14:00
  • Artist Talk Event: November 16th (Fri.) 14:30
  • Artist Talk Event: December 15th (Sat.) 13:30
  • Gallery Tour: Every day starting at 14:00

Limited Perks:

  • Exhibition Guide to be distributed on four dates: Sunday November 25th, December 9th, December 23rd, and January 6th.

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